Eaton’s Leader Says Debt Reduction Must be on Presidential To-do List


03-11-16-lb_ldrship_Cleveland Plain Dealer guest columnist Sandy CutlerCleveland Plain Dealer guest columnist Sandy Cutler, chairman and CEO of Eaton Corporation, went on the record regarding the need for the next president to place a high priority on fiscal management and tax reform. He said, “The next president faces a dangerous fiscal picture. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, deficits will exceed $1 trillion by 2022, three years earlier than previous projections, and the debt will rise by more than $10 trillion over the next decade.” “Our country is in desperate need of fundamental tax reform that simplifies the tax code, boosts economic growth, increases international competitiveness, and provides much-needed certainty that businesses need to plan ahead, invest, and create jobs. But that kind of pro-growth tax plan should be designed in a way that doesn’t add to the debt,” wrote the Eaton leader. He urged voters to discern rhetoric from reality when considering for whom to vote.  Read Mr. Cutler’s column here.