‘Common Sense Initiative’ Releases Report on Streamlining Regs


This week, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor released her 2015 report on the activity of the Common Sense Initiative (CSI), which she and the governor established to streamline regulations on businesses in Ohio. She reports, “CSI reviewed 2,316 rules, which were presented in 317 rule packages. Of these rules, 65 percent were either amended or rescinded. More notably, nearly half of the rule packages submitted to CSI for review in 2015 were tangibly impacted by the CSI review, either through the Early Stakeholder Outreach required as part of the CSI process or through additional changes made after the rules were submitted to CSI. These metrics demonstrate that the CSI rule review is having a significant and substantive influence on making Ohio’s rules more business-friendly.” Learn more about the helpful CSI program here.