Call for Entries! Important Annual Industrial Recycling Survey


Ohio’s solid waste management districts (SWMDs), in collaboration with the OMA and Ohio EPA invite you to participate in a statewide recycling survey. The purpose of the survey is to collect data about the amounts and the types of materials that Ohio businesses recycled in 2016. Information obtained through this survey will be used to track progress toward local and state recycling goals, assess recycling infrastructure and determine the recycling needs of Ohio’s businesses. You will send your completed survey directly to your SWMD. The SWMD will combine the data from your business with data reported by other businesses. The combined data will be used to calculate recycling rates for the SWMD. The data collected by all SWMDs will be aggregated and used to calculate recycling rates for the state. OMA reports recycling data in this annual report (page 19). To access the survey forms for your SWMD and to learn about your SWMD, click here. lf you experience difficulties using the webpage or have questions, contact Ohio EPA’s Ernest Stall at (614) 728-5356.  2/13/2017