BWC Drug-Free Safety Program Enrollment Deadline is May 31


Once a year, employers are able to enroll in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP).  Qualifying enrollees can receive a premium rebate of 4% or 7% and subsidize the majority of start-up and operational costs (e.g., policy development, employee education and supervisor training) with BWC SafetyGRANT$ funding. This year’s enrollment deadline is May 31, 2016. When program development is facilitated by knowledgeable consultants, an efficient and well thought-out program benefits your employees, your business and your community.  Employees who think it is okay to use substances can be deterred; employees with problems are encouraged or required to get help; non-abusing employees are protected; and customers can feel confident in the services they receive from your company. Visit OMA Connections Partner, Working Partners® DFSP Help Zone, for information about the BWC Drug-Free Safety Program and how to enroll.  Or call Working Partners at (866) 354-3397.