Air Report Due Next Week


Friendly reminder:  For regulated entities, there are a number of Ohio EPA environmental air compliance reports coming due in the coming months.  The next one is the Permit Evaluation Report – Air Services (PER). This report is required of all facilities that have had a PTIO issued that was effective during the reporting period.  Don’t forget to check the issued PTIO for reporting requirements that may need to be met as part of completing the PER.  The PER is due on February 16 for facilities with a reporting period of January 1 to December 31. If you need assistance, please visit Ohio EPA Air Services or contact:  Air Services Access:  Linda Lazich (614) 644-3626; Air Services Software Support, Emissions Reporting or Facility Profile:  Safaa El-Oraby (614) 644-3571; eBusiness Center PIN or Password:  eBiz Helpdesk (877) 372-2499.