6th Consecutive Year of Employment Growth in Manufacturing Jobs


Lightweighting Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT), an organization focused on promoting the lightweight advanced manufacturing industry and attracting jobs to it, recently released its 4th quarter 2016 findings about Ohio lightweighting-related jobs: “Employer demand for advanced manufacturing jobs related to lightweight advanced manufacturing in Ohio, gauged by online job postings, fell by 1,000 ads between Q3 and Q4 2016. The 19,985 ads posted during Q4 represented an eight percent decrease from the 21,704 ads during Q3 2016. This level of postings falls 24 percent lower than the 31,000 postings a year ago during Q4 2015. Despite the drop, 2016 marked the sixth consecutive year of employment growth for lightweighting-related jobs in Ohio since the depths of the Great Recession in 2010. In 2010, only 651,800 Ohio workers were employed in lightweighting-related advanced manufacturing jobs, and in 2016, employment reached over 735,000, a 13 percent increase.” Read more here. OMA is LIFT’s Ohio partner.  3/8/2017