The Mercantile Customer Program has incentives for energy efficiency projects you have completed within the last three years. Your energy savings project may qualify for a cash rebate or a waiver of the Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Rider on your bills.

The Standard Lighting Incentives for Business Program will compensate you with incentives from $1 to $74 per fixture up to 50% of your actual project costs related to qualifying ballasts, bulbs/lamps and fixtures, or up to $3,000 whichever is less.

The Non-Standard Lighting Incentives Program rebates $0.05 per kilowatt-hrs reduced annually up to 50% of your total actual costs of high efficiency lighting equipment. It is available to commercial and industrial customers, and applies to retrofits, new construction projects and building addition projects.

The Motors and Drives Incentives for Business Program offers incentives for the cost of NEMA PremiumTM motors and Variable Frequency Drives. Rebates are available to existing commercial and industrial facilities as well as new construction projects.

The Custom Incentives Program pays on every kWh saved for qualifying projects; eligible projects include technologies and energy efficiency projects that do not meet the criteria for other FirstEnergy rebate programs.

The Audit Program Incentive reimburses eligible participants 50% of an energy audit cost up to $4,000 per facility.