Weigh In: Status of Diversity & Inclusion Among Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Institute — the workforce arm of the National Association of Manufacturers — is committed to supporting manufacturers’ efforts to build diverse and inclusive workplaces and strengthen equal opportunity. As such, it is looking to collect information regarding current practices and attitudes related to diversity and inclusion (D&I) to establish a baseline of the current state of D&I in manufacturing.

Here’s a survey from the Manufacturing Institute in which you are urged to report what is – or isn’t – going on in your company with respect to this matter. All input is valuable and relevant to benchmarking the current state.

Your responses are strictly confidential and will only be used in aggregate to benchmark the entire industry – individual responses will not be reported in any way.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. As always, your input is essential to our collective success. Please reach out to OMA’s Sara Tracey if you have questions. 5/21/2021