The Ohio Manufacturing Competency Model: A Unified Vision for Workforce Excellence

Led by the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) and supported by the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation (OWT), and Ohio TechNet (OTN), the Ohio Manufacturing Competency Model has been co-developed with a group of manufacturers spanning various industries across all regions of Ohio. Together, these manufacturers identified sector-wide knowledge, skill, and ability needs for operators and technicians, highlighting hyper-relevant competencies distinctive to Ohio manufacturing.

As the OMA transitions from research to application, this model marks a pivotal step towards aligning education and training with industry standards.

Ohio manufacturers are invited to explore the model’s potential and familiarize themselves with the framework and use cases found on the Ohio Manufacturing Competency Model landing page. In the upcoming weeks, the OMA will provide comprehensive details on tools specifically designed for manufacturers, alongside guidance on how manufacturers can actively support and endorse this model. 3/13/2024