Survey: COVID-19 Changes Gen Z’s Perception of Manufacturing

According to new research by Parsable — a San Francisco tech firm — many members of Gen Z have a more positive view of manufacturing than they did before the pandemic. More than half (57%) of 18-24-year-olds who considered a career in frontline manufacturing since the start of COVID-19 did so because they believe it’s important to the country.

But the research also shows a large segment of Gen Z continues to have the misconception that manufacturing is “low-skilled” and “does not pay very well.” Nearly 60% of respondents said they might have been interested in manufacturing if they had access to related programs while in school. See this infographic, which summarizes the survey results.

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit — which will be held virtually Oct. 27 and 28 — will feature Ohio-specific survey results revealing Gen Z’s perception of manufacturing in the Buckeye State. 8/25/2021