On-Demand Webinar: Returning Citizens as a Talent Source

Last week, approximately 150 members and guests tuned in for the OMA’s webinar on how formerly incarcerated individuals — or returning citizens — can provide a much-needed talent boost for manufacturers. The webinar spotlighted the second-chance hiring initiative of OMA member Mansfield Engineered Components (MEC), while providing key information on how other manufacturers can recruit from this often-overlooked labor source.

Steve Cummins, co-owner and operator of MEC, said the company’s initiative was rooted in the need for employees. While some supervisors or managers may be hesitant about recruiting returning citizens, Cummins said companies will often find they’re “going to get some of their best employees” from this pool of prospects. Access the recorded webinar and handouts at your convenience. If you have questions, email the OMA’s Sara Tracey.

Meanwhile, at the national level, the Manufacturing Institute is also working to expand second-chance hiring opportunities. 4/26/2021