OMA Highlights Workforce Expertise at Ohio Economic Development Training

The Ohio Economic Development Association (ODEA) this week hosted its annual Ohio Basic Economic Development Course, an intensive professional development training tailored to economic development practitioners, community leaders, local government officials, and other newcomers to economic development-related roles.

The OMA’s Jessica Borza, alongside Kristi Clouse from JobsOhio and Lisa Patt McDaniel from the Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio (WDBCO), led a session on workforce development initiatives and strategies in Ohio. Borza’s presentation highlighted the key principles of workforce development, the critical role of OMA-Endorsed Industry Sector Partnerships (ISPs), and the importance of earn-and-learn programs.

For more details on OMA’s workforce initiatives and how to get involved, check out the newly updated OMA Workforce Roadmap and OMA-Endorsed ISP Network Map and Directory. 5/1/2024