Ohio Manufacturing Initiative Has Already Served More Than 500 Apprentices

In mid-2019, the Ohio Manufacturing Workforce Partnership (OMWP) — a collaboration of the OMA and Ohio TechNet — announced a major initiative to upskill 5,000 Ohioans through innovative earn-and-learn (apprenticeship) programs.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the effort is off to a solid start as illustrated in this update. As of June 30, more than 500 apprentices had been served — and nearly 250 apprentices had been hired and enrolled in earn-and-learn programs.

A surge in participating employers and recruits is expected as the economy recovers. Employers that take advantage of earn-and-learn opportunities will be ahead of their competitors in the drive for new talent. Make a plan to utilize earn-and-learn positions at your business by working with your industry sector partnership. 10/26/2021