New Product to Help Manufacturers Upskill Trainers

The Ohio Manufacturing Workforce Partnership (OMWP) — a collaboration of the OMA and Ohio TechNet — is excited to introduce a new training product designed to help manufacturers improve their on-the-job training programs.

It’s common to hear reports of manufacturers struggling to find effective trainers to help new employees master their skills. Even the most skilled employee may not know how to teach their talents to others. To address this challenge — and boost Ohio’s overall earn-and-learn strategy — the OMWP has enlisted the help of the NIMS® OJT Trainer Workshop to provide a structured, efficient method to upskill trainers and train coordinators who are new to their roles or have only a few years of experience.

Interested in the OJT Trainer Workshop? Email Jessica Borza to learn how your local sector partnership can participate. 9/2/2021