New OMA Guide: How to Hire High School Students

On Aug. 20, Ohio’s long-awaited Manufacturing Mentorship Program will go live. Under the program, which was driven by the OMA and created in the state operating budget (House Bill 166), Ohio manufacturers will now be able to employ 16- and 17-year-olds on a part-time basis in manufacturing occupations.

The aim of the program is to expose youth to the many viable, rewarding careers in the industry while strengthening the workforce development pipeline. To participate, manufacturing employers must:

  1. Set a duration of employment;
  2. Assign a mentor to the minor;
  3. Provide required training; and
  4. Encourage participation in career tech programs.

The OMA has created this short reference document for any manufacturer that wants to take advantage of the new program. The document contains a link to a standardized form from the Ohio Department of Commerce to simplify the recording requirements. 8/11/2020