New Earn-and-Learn Mentorship Program Launched

A key element of successful earn-and-learn (apprenticeship) programs is mentorship. Apprentices work side-by-side with an experienced colleague, learning not only technical skills but also workplace expectations and company culture.

This can be challenging for manufacturers because even your best machinist or maintenance technician may not have much experience training and coaching others. That’s why the Ohio Manufacturing Workforce Partnership (OMWP) — a collaboration of the OMA and Ohio TechNet — is launching its Earn-and-Learn Mentorship program next week.

This new program has 14 participants from nine companies enrolled in the first cohort. It will run for six weeks as new mentors learn how to help trainees master and apply new skills. Participants will also learn communication skills, take part in weekly coaching sessions, and have an opportunity to test their new skills on the job. At the end of training, participants will earn a NIMS On-the-Job Trainer credential.

For more on this program and other earn-and-learn opportunities, email Sara Tracey. 5/20/2021