Needed: A Reskilling Revolution

About 1.4 million Americans will lose their jobs to technological change in the next eight years, according to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group and the World Economic Forum, “Towards a Reskilling Revolution.” One million of those will have a job type that just disappears. Women are projected to be disproportionately affected.

As its title suggests, the report calls for a “reskilling revolution”: “To make reskilling real, and prepare for accelerated structural change of the labour market, a wide range of stakeholders— governments, employers, individuals, educational institutions and labour unions, among others—will need to learn to come together, collaborate and pool their resources more than ever before.

“For businesses, working together across traditional industry boundaries and, sometimes, with their competitors, in order to ensure they have the talent for tomorrow they need, will hold significant benefits but require new ways of thinking and working as well.” 1/24/2018