Mike Rowe Challenges Educators to Give Skilled Trades Equal Time

Responding to a report that 4.5 million Americans either quit or changed their job in November, reality TV actor Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame told Fox Business Network the U.S. workforce shortage is more than just a skills deficit. The fundamental definition of a “good job” has changed, he said — and the “Great Resignation” will ultimately affect every American who values “smooth roads, indoor plumbing, affordable electricity” and more.

Rowe said educators must help change young people’s perception of good jobs, saying, “It can’t be higher education and everything else is some vocational consolation prize. … We need to do a better job globally of shining a light on [skilled labor] stories.”

Meanwhile, the OMA and its partners continue to advance the Making Ohio initiative to highlight manufacturing careers. The recently revamped Making Ohio website provides tons of tools to help promote manufacturing careers, including 40 manufacturing videos, nearly 30 job descriptions, 16 educator resources, interactive career pathways, earn-and-learn information, and more. 1/18/2022