Husted: More Regionalized Workforce Solutions Needed

In a meeting of the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board last week, discussion was focused on Ohio’s promotion of alternative career pathways.

According to a report by Hannah News Service, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted told board members that the general public tends to be unaware of the opportunities for dual career and college tracks. He said “more industry sector partnerships would be useful” in raising awareness — and that regionalized approaches are necessary to find workforce solutions. (Here’s the OMA’s directory of regional industry sector partnerships.)

Lt. Gov. Husted reported the TechCred program has been utilized by 1,168 different Ohio employers that have received $20.7 million over seven rounds, funding 19,841 credentials. More than 400 employers have received awards in multiple rounds. The current application period ends at 3 p.m. Friday, April 30. 4/19/2021