Help Evaluate Industry Credentials for High School Students

In Ohio, students have the option to graduate high school by earning industry-recognized credentials, certifications, or licenses that are valuable to businesses in lieu of passing state tests. The list of credentials students can earn is built and maintained by the Ohio Department of Education (DOE) and is updated annually.

You can help students prepare for careers in your industry by reviewing credential applications to be potentially added to the list.

The DOE is looking for volunteers to attend one half-day session in Columbus on February 27 or 28 as part of a group of professionals from their industry to make recommendations on which credentials have value and should be added to the list.

If you are interested in participating in a half-day review of Industry Recognized Credential applications, please fill out this brief survey (it takes less than one minute to complete). The DOE will reach out to you in the near future with details.

Here is more information about industry-recognized credentials. For specific questions about the application and review process, please email DOE. 1/23/2019