Diversity & Inclusion: Best Manufacturing Practices

The Manufacturing Institute and PwC have released a compelling playbook for manufacturers: “All In: Shaping tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce through diversity and inclusion.”

From the report: “As US demographics shift, and public perceptions and demands around diversity change, the case for redoubling efforts around D&I programs intensifies. The latest US Census showed that 13.7% of the US population (or 44.5 million people) is foreign-born, the highest percentage recorded since 1910.

“And, by 2045, the US white population is projected to be a minority (at 49.9%) followed by Hispanics at 24.6%, Blacks (13.1%), Asians (7.8%), and multiracial (3.8%), according to the US Census Bureau.

“This sea of change has been underway for decades. In 1940, white workers comprised 88% of the working-class (noncollege-graduate workers) labor force, which fell to 60% by 2015; over the same period, the percentage of white working-class women rose to 45% from about 25%.”

And: “(A)s a traditionally white- and male-dominated industry, manufacturing faces a relatively steeper climb than others to widen their representation of non-white and female cohorts of the population. Consider that, in 2016, women comprised 57% of the total US labor force, yet represented only 29% of the manufacturing sector.” 10/17/2018