CASE STUDY: MakerMinded’s Student Competitions Promote Manufacturing Skills

MakerMinded, a digital platform launched by LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) in 2016, is connecting Ohio’s middle school and high school students with innovative ways to gain STEM skills while learning about the opportunities ahead in 21st century manufacturing.

MakerMinded is constantly researching new activities so there are plenty of options whether a school is in a city, suburb or rural area. The program also works to support diverse learning styles.

“We are proud to stand behind MakerMinded as an initiative that will help companies connect to the future talent they need to grow and ensure the workforce has the skills to excel,” said OMA President Eric Burkland. “An estimated 2 million skilled manufacturing jobs are expected to go unfilled in the U.S. by 2025, so it’s important we prepare students to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Read more about how MakerMinded promotes STEM careers. Contact National Manager Jacey Cavanagh to see how to make sure your local schools are involved. 10/1/2018