OSHA Reviews Lockout/Tagout Standard

OSHA announced last week it is requesting information that could lead to a possible update to the Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) standard. The agency is interested in comments on the use of control circuit-type devices to isolate energy, as well as the evolving technology for robotics.

OSHA wants feedback regarding how employers have been using control circuit devices, as well as new risks of worker exposure to hazardous energy due to increased interaction with robots. The standard specifies that control circuit devices cannot be used as energy-isolating devices, but the agency recognizes recent technological advances may have improved the safety of control circuit-type devices.

Comments must be submitted on or before August 18, 2019. Comments and materials may be submitted electronically or by facsimile or mail. See the Federal Register notice for submission details. 5/18/2019