OMA Uses Technology to Find Handicap Reimbursement Opportunities

The OMA Workers’ Compensation Services team will soon present arguments to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) legal department in support of employer applications for reimbursement of claims costs under the BWC Handicap Reimbursement policy.

Handicap reimbursement is a BWC provision designed to allow employers to gain claim-cost relief when certain pre-existing medical conditions among injured workers add recovery time and cost to a claim.

In 2020, OMA account managers reviewed more than 1,000 claim files for handicap reimbursement potential using a new, technology-driven process that monitors claims for potential triggers. This new process allows for more efficient claims management, as well as full transparency to the employer.

If you have questions, please contact your OMA account manager or see the “Company Claims” tab on your WCS Dashboard. To see how OMA Workers’ Compensation Services can lighten your load when it comes to claims management, click here — or contact Crissy Roach. 9/17/2020