OMA Endorses HMS as MCO for Manufacturers

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) is offering Managed Care Organization (MCO) open enrollment this month. But why does your choice of MCO matter?

A primary role of the MCO is to provide medical management of workplace injuries or illnesses. Therefore, it makes sense to work with the MCO with the best record of safely returning workers to duty while controlling costs that affect billed premiums.

Health Management Solutions (HMS) is the only OMA-endorsed MCO. HMS has the best-in-class return-to-work performance, according to the BWC’s 2021 MCO Report Card (and six of the last seven report cards). It’s simple to switch to HMS and have your claims expertly managed. Just click here or here. Claims will be smoothly transitioned to HMS effective June 28.

Open enrollment only occurs every two years; the current open enrollment period ends May 28. Choosing an MCO costs nothing and your choice of MCO doesn’t affect any relationship you may have with a workers’ compensation third-party administrator or your group discount participation.

Contact your OMA account manager, Brian Jackson, or Crissy Roach if you have questions. 5/7/2021