OMA-Backed Solution for PTSD Passes During Lame Duck

On Dec. 22, as the lame duck session came to a close, the Ohio House of Representatives concurred with the Senate amendments to House Bill 308, which addresses the treatment of first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

After eight years of working on this issue, the OMA and its allies were able to create a special fund outside of the Ohio BWC to help treat first responders who suffer from PTSD. As passed by the General Assembly, the bill requires the Police and Fire Pension Fund to provide a study on how to administer the fund. The OMA will sit on the board that evaluates these proposals.

The OMA has long advocated for a common-sense solution to ensure that Ohio’s first responders receive treatment for PTSD while protecting the fundamental tenants of the workers’ compensation system. HB 308 will provide this solution. Thanks to all OMA members who actively engaged on this issue over the years. 12/23/2020