Ohio House Poised to Approve Mental-Only Claims under Workers’ Comp

This week, House Bill 308 — legislation to allow first responders to receive Ohio workers’ compensation benefits if diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — took one step closer to becoming law. If the bill is passed and signed, it would mark the first time Ohio would allow a mental claim without an accompanying physical injury. Currently, the Ohio workers’ compensation system prohibits so-called mental/mental claims.

The OMA, along with other business and local government groups, has long been opposed to any move towards mental/mental claims. In addition, the OMA has worked with numerous stakeholders to find alternative solutions to ensure that Ohio’s first responders receive treatment for PTSD. The House Ways and Means Committee pushed aside those alternative solutions during opponent testimony this week. It is expected that the committee and the full House will approve the bill yet this winter. 1/30/2020