Issue 2 Changes Await House Action

Columbus Business First has published this story illustrating how legalized recreational marijuana — approved by Ohio voters last November — is opening a “Pandora’s box” for employers on the safety front. For guidance on drug testing, check out resources from OMA Connections Partner Working Partners.

Thanks in part to efforts by the OMA during the enactment of medical marijuana statutes several years ago, employers have protections under Issue 2, as outlined in this Nov. 24, 2023 memo by Bricker Graydon, the OMA’s general counsel. Employers are not required to permit marijuana use, possession, or distribution on the job, and can continue their drug-free workplace programs.

As previously reported, the Ohio Senate’s Issue 2 modifications were delayed last month by the Ohio House, which has indicated it will soon take up its own package of changes. The OMA and other employer groups have called for improvements to Issue 2 language impacting safety, employer protections, and private property rights. 1/3/2024