House Insurance Committee Hears Workers’ Compensation Bills

The House Insurance Committee returned this week from its summer recess to kick off its fall hearings. The committee entertained sponsor testimony on two new workers’ compensation bills, House Bill 268 and House Bill 269. Both bills are sponsored by Rep. Mike Henne (R-Clayton).

House Bill 268 would create a second self-insured fund and allow self-insured companies to buy private workers’ compensation policies. In his sponsor testimony for House Bill 268, Rep. Henne said that, “HB 268 will allow more Ohio employers the option to self-insure, and for those that are self-insured the ability to manage their risk as they see fit.”

House Bill 269 would make a variety of changes to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the state fund. Testifying on House Bill 269, Rep. Henne stated, “The policy changes we are pursuing will help protect workers, give them the care they need if they do get injured and get them back to work as soon as possible, provide appropriate benefits when seriously injured or killed and rebrand the organization to better reflect their mission.”

OMA Safety and Workers’ Compensation Committee members heard from Rep. Henne about these proposals at their June 27 meeting and have ongoing questions about the measures. The committee will continue to consider the bills as they are worked through the legislative process. 9/14/2017