Free Drug Disposal Kits for Your Workforce

OMA member, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), is supporting various programs in Ohio that address addiction recovery.

Part of its outreach involves providing resources for safe drug disposal, that people can use at home. Cleaning out unused or unwanted medications is a good way to help keep drugs from being abused or misused.

If your organization would like to provide disposal bags and information to workers, you can obtain them at no charge. The disposal bags come in boxes of 200. The disposal kit activates once medicines (liquids and pills) are removed from their containers and placed in a pouch with water. The medicines become unpalatable and some cases, neutralized, and the bag is then safe to place in the trash.

To obtain a supply, email Jenny Camper. Jenny will ask you to sign a memorandum of understanding indicating that the bags will be given away, not sold, and she will need a name, shipping address and phone number.

Here’s a good drug disposal handout, as well. 7/12/2018