Deadline Approaching for Workers’ Comp ‘True-Up’

Private employers in Ohio have until Aug. 15 to complete their “true-up” reports, an important and necessary step that allows the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) to accurately calculate premiums.

The true-up process, which is simple to do at BWC’s “My Policy” page, requires employers to report their actual payroll for the previous policy year to reconcile any differences in premium paid. This action is critical to maintaining your policy and participation in current rating plans or discount programs. Employers must complete the true-up report even if their payroll for the year matches the estimate received from BWC.

If you have questions, contact Brian Jackson, managing director of OMA’s Workers’ Compensation Services — the only workers’ compensation service provider exclusively serving Ohio’s manufacturers. If you’re not already using the OMA for your workers’ comp. needs, you can easily request a service proposal here. 7/9/2019