Court Says Injured Workers Can’t Reject Valid Light-Duty Offers

OMA Connections Partner Dinsmore has highlighted a recent court case involving a refused light-duty job offer. In Ohio, a light-duty job offer is a strategic way to either bring an injured worker back to the workforce or bar temporary total compensation (should the injured worker reject a valid offer). Either way, it can aid employers in eliminating, minimizing, and/or stopping temporary total disability compensation from being paid in a claim.

Dinsmore notes that the Tenth District Court of Appeals recently determined the reason for the injured worker’s refusal of a light-duty job offer was only relevant if the offer was not made in good faith by the employer. In this case, the Industrial Commission found the employer’s offer was made in good faith; therefore, it would be inappropriate to award temporary total compensation.

While this decision is favorable to employers, it is still important to ensure that light-duty job offers are crafted carefully. For more on this subject, contact an OMA workers’ compensation account manager. 1/20/2021