BWC’s MCO Open Enrollment is Underway

The open enrollment period for Ohio employers to select a managed care organization (MCO) to oversee medical treatment for workers injured on the job began Monday, April 30, and continues through Friday, May 25.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) offers open enrollment every two years for employers to select from a network of 13 MCOs that manage claim filings and medical care that injured workers need to recover and return to work.

No action is required of employers satisfied with their current MCO.

Open enrollment details are available in the MCO Selection Guide on BWC’s website. Visitors to the site can also find the MCO Report Card that summarizes each MCO’s performance.

OMA’s only endorsed MCO is Health Management Solutions, Inc. (HMS). HMS has achieved the highest ranking among MCOs in 2018 in an important measure the BWC calls Measurement of Disability, or MoD. This score represents an MCO’s efficacy in returning workers to duty in a safe and timely manner. The MoD rating measures effective case management. The MoD score (also called “Days Absent”) is displayed on page 3 of the BWC’s 2018 MCO Report Card.

MCO changes will be effective July 2. Questions? Contact OMA’s Brian Jackson. 4/26/2018