ACTION ALERT: Oppose Workers’ Comp Expansion for PTSD

A Senate committee is currently considering House Bill 308, legislation that would allow workers’ compensation claims for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experienced by first responders when there is no accompanying physical injury. The Ohio House passed HB 308 earlier this year.

The Ohio workers’ compensation system was designed to compensate injured workers’ physical injuries/illnesses and any mental conditions that arise as a result of such physical injuries/illnesses. The OMA has historically opposed proposals — including HB 308 — that would permit PTSD-related compensation in cases in which there is no associated physical injury or illness. The adoption of a mental-only diagnosis would mark a significant (and costly) change to the Ohio workers’ compensation system, which is fully funded by employers.

Read more and then email your state senator to express your opposition to HB 308 by encouraging an alternative financing option for PTSD treatment for first responders. 11/12/2020