$10.8 Million in Uncashed Checks

The BWC reports that more than 5,500 Ohio employers are sitting on $10.8 million in uncashed checks that it issued in conjunction with the $1.5 billion back rebate.

The checks have a 90-day life and will begin expiring on Oct. 3.

BWC began sending the checks in batches on June 28. The first of the six batches will expire Oct. 3 and all outstanding checks will expire by the end of October.

BWC has a plan for uncashed checks: BWC will credit an employer’s account the amount of their rebate if they do not cash their check. Credits will apply to any outstanding balances owed by the employer and a new check will be issued for any remaining credit on the account.

Note: Employers participating in group retrospective rating plans will receive their checks in mid-October. 9/26/2018