Updates on Ohio’s Business Gateway

According to a recent Gateway post, from the time the modernized Gateway went live on July 2 through August 29, users have successfully filed more than 1 million transactions, with a total value of nearly $4 billion. This represents an increase of more than 115,000 transactions and $660 million flowing through the Gateway over the same time period in 2017.

Some users have experienced issues, a majority of which are related to accounts of existing users who file on behalf of multiple businesses and who may share log in credentials.

In the modernized Gateway, each username and password is associated with an individual user, not a company or business account, and should not be shared. This aligns with the latest in security best practices and allows for verification of the individual who is filing a transaction on behalf of the business account.

Here’s an FAQ. You can call (866) 644-6468 to speak to a customer service representative. 9/5/2018