Ohio’s Modernized Business Gateway is Live

Visit the Gateway to see Ohio’s improved and modernized system. Check out this video for an orientation to the modernized Gateway’s user interface and functionality.

The Gateway Modernization Project has transformed the Gateway into a more user-friendly, reliable, and secure portal.

Information around the site is consolidated, making the most important information easier to find.

Pre-populated information and fewer required clicks reduce the time it takes to complete a transaction in the Gateway, resulting in more efficient and simplified filing processes. The Gateway also houses PDF versions of transaction confirmations and receipts that are easy to access and print.

The modernized Gateway’s Help Center houses hundreds of how-to articles, video tutorials and FAQs to assist users in completing their transactions on the Gateway. In addition, Gateway users now have the ability to request help or ask a question 24/7 by using the system’s online help case functionality. 7/4/2018