Ohio Manufacturers on what Tax Reform Means to their Businesses

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) asked a couple Ohio manufacturers why federal tax reform would help their businesses.

Tanya DiSalvo of Criterion Tool, a precision manufacturing facility for the medical device, aerospace and photonics industries with 43 employees in Brook Park, said that her company would “Reinvest, additional training, raise the level of our lowest team members to the next level and back-fill their positions,” when asked what she would do with money from tax reform.

Karl Reuther of Reuther Mold and Manufacturing Company in Cuyahoga Falls answered the same questions this way: “To compete globally, we need a huge investment in newer technology. The newer technology enhances our ability to compete, for our workers to retain their jobs and for us to attract new manufacturing workers.” Reuther Mold has 60 employees and produces tooling for the manufacturing of military and commercial jets and oil production.

Read more from their interviews here. 12/13/2017