Ohio Court Ruling May Expand Insurance Coverage for Cyberattacks

A recent Ohio court decision potentially opened the door for broader coverage from cyberattacks under traditional insurance policies.

OMA Connections Partner Frantz Ward writes that in Emoi Servs., LLC v. Owners Ins. Co., 2021-Ohio-3942, an Ohio-based company sued its insurance company after the insurer denied coverage for the losses the company incurred following a 2019 ransomware attack. In a split decision, Ohio’s Second Appellate District Court said the company’s temporary loss of access to its system could constitute covered property damage under the policy.

The firm notes that while it’s encouraging there may be alternative coverage available under traditional insurance policies for a cyberattack, it remains in your company’s best interest to implement an appropriate cybersecurity program, which includes specific cyber-insurance coverage. 12/16/2021