Manufacturers’ Tax Relief Bill Gets First Hearing

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, Reps. Sara Carruthers (R-Hamilton) and Jessica Miranda (D-Forest Park) provided sponsor testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee during the first hearing for House Bill 440. The legislation would exempt temporary manufacturing labor from Ohio’s sales and use tax. The bill would also expand the manufacturing sales-and-use tax exemption to include janitorial services and supplies used to clean machinery.

The OMA, which worked to get bipartisan leadership to introduce HB 440, has long advocated for both of these changes to the tax code. The OMA Tax Committee has highlighted the issues as major hurdles for manufacturers.

Manufacturers who are interested in this topic or would like to provide support for HB 440 should contact Rob Brundrett, as well as attend the Feb. 19 OMA Tax Committee meeting. 1/30/2020