Manufacturers Called to Action on Tax Reform

David Farr, Chairman and CEO, Emerson, Chair of the Board, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) asks all manufacturers to rally and help push for tax reform. Here are three things to do:

  1. Share your story of what tax reform would mean to your workers and your company—and ask your team to do the same. We have made it easy for you and your employees: just answer these key questions here. The NAM can then use those stories to show lawmakers why their support for reform means bigger paychecks, more jobs and more manufacturing in the United States.
  2. Engage manufacturing workers. As manufacturing leaders, we need to ensure our employees understand why it’s important that we fix our outdated tax code, and this messaging can help you. We need to articulate the impact that tax reform will have on manufacturers and their families.
  3. We need manufacturing employees to call on their members of Congress to act on tax reform without delay. Please encourage the members of your team to reach out to their elected officials by sending them this link to take action on tax reform. When speaking with your employees, ask them to text “ActOnTax” (all one word, no spaces) to 52886 to send a message to their members of Congress to act on tax reform.

As Chairman Farr said in his address to the Economic Club of Minnesota earlier this month, “Securing the future of modern manufacturing means having a tax code that lives up to the realities of the modern world. I hope you are willing to speak out and take a stand.” 10/23/2017