SiteOhio Program Facilitates Build-Ready Sites

Companies looking for the right location to build will have an easier time finding one in Ohio because of SiteOhio, a site authentication program offered by JobsOhio.

This program is unique to Ohio. SiteOhio takes the site certification process further than other state site evaluation programs, putting sites through a comprehensive review and analysis, and granting authentication only to sites that meet specific criteria.

If a property receives SiteOhio authentication, it means that all due diligence studies have been completed; authorizing state and federal entities have reviewed and provided concurrence with the studies’ findings; all major utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer and fiber) are on-site with excess capacity (verified by utility partners); and the sites have been evaluated for compatible surrounding uses.

There are currently 15 authenticated SiteOhio sites ready for investment. Contact Phil Smith at JobsOhio. 11/6/2018