Senate Hears Sponsor Testimony on Priority Legislation

This week Senators Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) and Robert McColley (R-Napoleon) gave sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 1. The bill is a carryover from the 132nd General Assembly and is the chamber’s number one priority. The Senate remains focused on reducing the regulatory burden facing Ohio’s businesses.

SB1 requires each state agency to reduce the regulatory restrictions contained it its rules by 30% by 2022. It also prohibits a state agency from adopting new regulatory restrictions that would increase the percentage of restrictions in the agency’s rules.

Roegner testified: “According to the 2018 Mercatus Center study, Ohio has the third-most regulations of all states that have been researched, only trailing New York and Illinois in the number of administrative rules currently in place. That is twice the number of regulations on the books in Maryland or Missouri, or three times the number of regulations in place in Michigan.” 2/21/2019