OMA Testifies in Support of Bill to Prohibit Local Fees on Auxiliary Containers

This week, OMA’s Rob Brundrett, Director, Public Policy Services testified in support of House Bill 625 (Lang-R-West Chester, Lipps-R-Franklin) before the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee. This bill prohibits a local government from imposing a tax or a fee on auxiliary containers (e.g. plastic bags or foam containers).

Brundrett testified: “… the OMA routinely advocates mitigating locally-imposed restrictions or taxes. In many cases these types of regulations are most appropriately adopted at the federal government level so as to not disadvantage businesses in one state over businesses in another state.

“… the OMA favors House Bill 625 to ensure that taxes, fees or regulations on paper and paper-based (or other) packaging be adopted uniformly and not via a cumbersome patchwork of different local regulations and taxes that would disadvantage Ohio as a place to manufacture.” 6/20/2018