OMA Board Position on Issue 2: No

As early voting is now underway, we’d like to remind readers that, earlier this year, the OMA board of directors voted to oppose the “Ohio Drug Price Relief Act,” now known as Issue 2 on the November 2017 general election ballot.

If passed, the State of Ohio would be prohibited from entering any agreement for prescription drugs unless the net cost is the same or lower than the lowest price paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Services.

Experts who have studied the issue say it would be difficult if not impossible to implement.

The proposal is backed by the AIDS Health Care Foundation, a Los Angeles-based organization headed by controversial activist Michael Weinstein.

In its statement opposing the measure, the OMA wrote: “As manufacturers, we are concerned with any plan to impose artificial price controls on products. The OMA is concerned that price controls would not stop with medication but would apply to other products purchased by government.”

NBC4 WCMH-TV in Columbus hosted a Statewide Issue 2 Forum aimed at getting the facts about the prescription drug initiative; proponents and opponents were invited to the forum (recording here).

Issue 2 is also opposed by the Akron Beacon Journal, the Columbus Dispatch and The Plain Dealer. 10/12/2017