Ohio’s Budget Impasse Continues

Nearly two weeks ago, Ohio lawmakers left the Statehouse without passing a new two-year budget, thereby failing to meet the June 30 budget deadline. Due to House-Senate disagreements on several issues, both chambers instead passed continuing resolutions on June 29 and 30, allowing the state government to continue to function.

Over the past 12 days, budget negotiations have been conducted behind the scenes. The continuing resolution for the main operating budget expires Wednesday, July 17. Therefore, final action is likely to occur early next week. Learn more about tax issues included in the pending budget bill (House Bill 166).

The House and Senate are scheduled to be in session the middle of next week. After that, lawmakers are not slated to be in session again until mid-September.

A smaller budget bill (House Bill 80) to fund the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) is also at an impasse due to disagreement over costly expansions to benefits. The bureau is operating under a continuing resolution that will expire July 30. Final action on the BWC budget could come next week or could languish until the end of the month. Learn more and take action to urge lawmakers to reject the proposed benefits expansion. 7/11/2019