Ohio Manufacturing Counts!

The facts are in and the news is good. Ohio is still powered by manufacturing.

At 17%, manufacturing’s contribution to Ohio’s GDP is greater than any other industry sector.

The average annual wage in Ohio manufacturing is $58,800 and the total manufacturing payroll of $40 billion is greater than any other industry sector.

700,000 Ohioans work in manufacturing, more than one out of every 10 Ohioans.

OMA has prepared Ohio Manufacturing Counts 2018/19 to give Ohioans an understanding of the importance of manufacturing to the state and to the future of the state. The data are from a wide variety of sources and are the most recent available.

OMA will share this publication with members of the General Assembly and media. Please share this resource widely with your elected officials, your employees, and within your community to communicate the importance of protecting and growing Ohio manufacturing.

Please acknowledge our sponsors: Ariel Corporation, Alliance for Working Together, Bricker & Eckler, Carpenter Lipps & Leland, and Fredon Corporation. 7/18/2018