Leading Business Groups Urge Speaker Vote

The OMA joined with five other leading Ohio business groups in urging the Ohio House Republican caucus to elect a Speaker and get on with the people’s business.

In a letter to the caucus, the groups wrote: “As leaders of Ohio’s largest statewide business organizations, we are writing to express our collective concern over the lack of a vote scheduled for Speaker of the Ohio House.

“As you well know, the void in office of the Speaker is preventing the House from preparing for the next General Assembly and aligning its policy priorities with the Governor-elect, the other statewide office holders, and the newly-elected members of the House.

“Should this impasse continue, the House will be forced to spend the first month of the DeWine Administration dealing with internal administrative tasks instead of tending to the business of the citizens of Ohio, including policy matters important to economic investment, job creation and retention.”

The groups urged an immediate vote on the speakership. 2/13/2018