Keep Your OMA Membership Information Up to Date

Don’t miss any OMA information or opportunities in 2022. Take a few minutes to ensure your membership information (including email address) is up to date.

Remember, OMA membership is company-wide so everyone on your team can receive OMA services based on their needs. Members can manage their subscriptions, services, interests, and other preferences here. (For help, or to add team members to your membership, email Lisa Cummings-Dye or call 800-662-4463.)

Finally, keep in mind if you forward the OMA’s emailed communications and those recipients click the “unsubscribe” link in the email, your subscription will end. (It’s recommended you remove the “unsubscribe” text if you forward emails. Better yet, tell us who should receive OMA emails directly. We’ll take it from there.) 1/4/2022