Having a Ball with Manufacturing!

Carolyn Lee, president of NAM’s Manufacturing Institute, this week announced a cool new tool for engaging students in manufacturing:

“The Manufacturing Institute, the social impact arm of the NAM, and PTC, our national partner sponsor for MFG Day, are releasing today a first-of-its-kind comic book and app to help kids to see the future of modern manufacturing and experience augmented reality.

“App users will be able to manufacture a drone from design to assembly. To see a video of how the app works, or download the Smart MFG app, visit PTC.com/SmartMFG. Add another dimension for students to your MFG Day event.”

Students will use the app and comic book to follow the story of superheroes manufacturing a drone. They’ll solve everyday challenges in manufacturing by making decisions about product design, retooling the factory, and performing service on a robot that is unexpectedly in need of repair.


What a ball! 9/20/2018